Western Radiance

This living area’s furnishing and decorative items are a cornucopia of vibrant and contrasting colors and patterns that create a Western lodge feel. Western and Native American influences are seen throughout. The sofa and chairs are upholstered in mixtures of fabrics and patterns such as leather, multi-colored stripes and colorful diamond patterns, some with accents of hair on hide. The large area rug is a patchwork of varying Oriental rug patterns. Anchoring the seating area is a stacked stone fireplace flanked by bookcases painted black with a heavily distressed finish. High above the seating area hanging from the rafters is a radiant chandelier made of leather straps and iron. All the flooring, walls, and ceiling throughout the house are reclaimed antique pine.

Architect: Heidi Hefferlin,
Hefferlin and Kronenberg Architects

Interior Design: Jodi Brewer,
JL Brewer Designs

Lighting and Fixtures: Jodi Brewer, JL Brewer Designs

Photography: Med Dement