Reuse Renew Repurpose

Think Outside the Box

Here are ten fun ideas to help you get inspired:

Have an old, dusty suitcase lying around? Why not paint it a fresh, bright white and place it on top of a table base for an intriguing side table?

Do you have a bland coffee table that has seen better days? Top it with a plush piece of foam, upholster it with an updated fabric, and now you have a brand new bench!


Broken drawers and dresser pulls happen with normal wear and tear. If your drawers are beyond repair, consider tossing them, but keep the shell of the piece. In place of the drawers, slide in wicker baskets for organizing small items.

Think metallic! A sleek and shiny coat of silver or gold can jazz up just about anything – from blah bookends to a dull wooden headboard.

Recently inherited a lot of old furniture and want to integrate it into your home’s personal style? Maybe take an old coffee table and bookcase and combine them for something that’s brand new and all you. Secure the case on top of the table and paint it all in your favorite color for a seamless new piece.

Consider wallpapering the inside of a bookcase or hutch for a small, unexpected peak of paper.


Have a cheap old filing cabinet? Consider this: remove the drawers, paint it a fresh color, and use it as a long, raised flower bed.

If you’ve used the same outdoor folding chairs for years, bring them from tired to terrific with a simple coat of spray paint in a color you love.

Picture this – vintage windows can be used as a picture frame for a rustic, chic look.

10 If you’ve collected a mass of mismatched glass vases throughout the years, why not combine them all for a new collection? Place thick rubber bands around the vases and spray paint each vase a different yet coordinating color. Once the paint has dried, remove the bands so that strips of glass show through.