Master Suites: Feminine Touch

Interior Designer: Alice Davenport Interiors
Photography: Med Dement

“This was my first experience with a purple room,” says designer Alice Davenport, “so I was excited to work with the new color. The one rule I knew I had to follow was making sure the color would not be too sweet, so in several years from now my client would still love this room.”

Feminine TouchWhen creating this guest bedroom, designer Alice Davenport’s task was to create a feminine room for the homeowner that could function as both an office and a guest bedroom. In order to craft different spaces within one room, Davenport decided to mount a broad canopy along an entire wall, giving the sleeping area a separate sense of place. She selected a color scheme of purples, silver, grey and light beige, colors that create a balanced harmony and sophistication together. The canopy forms a soft and inviting atmosphere, and the folds are set off perfectly by the more tailored lines of the bed frames. Davenport chose rail-boards for the bed frames instead of a dust ruffle and a slight curve at the top of the headboards to give the beds that tailored look. She also selected marble lamp stands with harsher lines and a colder feel and placed them on an antique mahogany table. The colder lines help balance all of the fabric, while the marble lamps match square marble knobs on cabinets covering an adjacent wall.

Purple Shades
Designer Alice Davenport gave the room interest by using different shades of purple. The walls are lighter than the purple on the bed and the canopy trim, while the lampshades are a shade darker than the beds.