Light and Relaxed

A light beige wall color sets the tone for this relaxed lounging area. Gray tinted hardwood covers the floors, and mirrors the tones of black and white photos grouped neatly in natural wooden frames hanging above. The gallery wall is made up of photographs of ornate doors from historic buildings in Chattanooga. In the center of the photo collage is a rectangular mirror with a carved wood frame, which reflects light from the nearby windows. Two barrel chairs, covered in white ribbed linen fabric, face the wall and serve as a place to sit and enjoy a cocktail. A serving table made of dark wood showcases several whiskey and bourbon selections. A small Moroccan acrylic side table rests easily between the chairs while a brindle cowhide rug adds warmth and texture to the space.

Interior Designer:
Kathryn Earle, Nell’s Home, Gifts, and Interior Design

Photography: Holt

Accessories: Kathryn Earle, Nell’s Home, Gifts, and
Interior Design