Custom Kitchens: Commercial Beauty

This streamlined contemporary  kitchen was designed around commercial appliances, but with both beauty and function in mind. The strong horizontal lines are emphasized by the horizontal placement of the tongue-and-groove walnut cabinetry and white oak floors laid parallel to the cabinets. The centerpiece of the kitchen is an extended oval-shaped island that houses a sink, storage drawers, contemporary walnut and metal barstools that can be hydraulically raised or lowered, and rounded display shelves at both ends. The Saturina Granite countertops and backsplash are richly textured with mica, which reflects the lights and makes the countertops appear to be backlit. Unusual appliance garages next to a second sink store appliances with easy pull-out and access.

“I work long and hard on the lighting of a room. If you don’t have a kitchen that’s evenly lit, you might as well forget it. I used recessed cans exclusively in this room so that the visual lines across the island wouldn’t be broken. I don’t like using center chandeliers in most rooms because it dictates where your furnishings go.”
– Marty Stanley,  Anything Goes, Inc.


Design: Marty Stanley, Anything Goes, Inc.

Cabinetry: Norcia Fine Cabinetry, Inc.

Countertops: John Dollar

Appliances & Lighting: Ferguson