Before & After with Joe Jumper


Before: Wire filter, originally used in a machine for crushing roadside rocks

After: Flip it upside down for use as an end table for a sitting area next to a chair. Or, flip it the other way and use it as an extra-large votive holder using pillar candles.


JoeJumper.BeforeandAfter_2 JoeJumper.BeforeandAfter_3

Before: Baking pans, mood moss, and mini brown vases

After: Turn these items into a splashy organic centerpiece by placing brown mini vases in the baking pan. Then surround vases with mood moss and fill with feathers or flowers for a whimsical runner down your table.


Before: A black roaster

After: Turn this vintage flea market find into a unique container for planting succulents.


Before: Salvaged sticks and an assortment of faux butterflies

After: Hang sticks with jute and randomly glue a variety of paper butterflies on the sticks. Grouped together, the result adds a fairy tale touch to a kid’s room or porch.



Before: Odds and ends salad plates

After: Lay out a pattern, using any assortment of salad plates, to create an eye-catching display for hanging on a kitchen or dining room wall. It’s instant wall art and plate hangers can be purchased at most craft stores.


Before: Bag of oranges

After: To create a simple, colorful, and aromatic centerpiece, fill a wooden bowl with a mound of oranges. Select five to six oranges and cut a hole in the top. Insert a votive candle to add a glow. With orange and blue being complementary colors, adding a blue runner makes the bowl of oranges pop. Add simple stems of coordinating flowers, such as the poppies used here, to add more color to your table.